Friday, June 20, 2008

I had a vision....

And it worked. Do you have kids? Are you looking for things to entertain them for more than 3 minutes? EVERYONE loves bubbles. They have saved me many times. I had bought these at Walmart for 1.00

They are nice because they come in different colors too. Hey a dollar?? Can't go wrong. Plus you can refill them. Well I had this idea that because of the colors they could be made cooler, prettier, for girls, cooler for boys. So I thought maybe I could stamp them in Stazon. I did it and look, it came out great!!!! I even had my 3yo and 6yo helping me.

Here are the finished ones:

I laid my clear stamps on my table, inked them, then rolled the bubbles over them. I made some small flowers with fabric paint. If I had more Stazon colors, I could have stamped everything. But, I only have purple, black, and dark green. Can you say psyched!!! 2 of them are birthday gifts for a party we are going to tomorrow, and 2 are for my 2 favorite redheads. Here is a close up, because I am blog challenged and don't know if when you click it gets bigger or not.

Thanks for looking.

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Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh my goodness! LOVE that! Now there is no arguing of what belongs to who! You rock! TFS!