Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crafty Secret

When you are making cards does this ever happen to you? Do you not want to stamp the sentiment on the card if you don't know EXACTLY who the card is for? I do. I don't want to stamp something , then not have it appropriate and have to tear the card apart, then put it back together. So, sometimes I'll stamp/design for the colors/patterns/feeling. Then when I need the card, I quickly look for a suitable sentiment. Something great about the clear stamps, like MFT Sassy Sayings, or others from PaperTrey, I can stamp them however I need them. This is one of the ladies from Crafty Secrets Coffee and Tea set. Love that set, it's awesome. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cuttlebug one last time

Here's my last CB for a while. I get into a routine and then I keep doing them in different colors, folders, etc. Tomorrw I'll switch to something new. Here's the last one.

I would never, never had bought the fancy corner embossing if it hadn't been for seeing NoTimeToStamps beautiful cards. Now I'm in love with them. I have so many of the A2 folders, but the corners and smaller ones, I bought fairly recently. Now one of the girls at work has asked me to borrow this actual folder, because she saw the card I made like this and gave it to someone else I work with and she had it on her desk. Pretty in Pink cardstock and GP white cardstock. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentines Again

Ok, ok I know, Valentines again. Hey what can I say, I needed to get some done. I usually send out a bunch with the girls photo in it to family members. These I used my Cuttlebug-- ala No time to Stamp style, I added some stamping, which, eek I was nervous. I love the clean, crisp, monochromatic look, but had to take the chance. Here are a few:

These used the script folder for the Cuttlebug. I ran a 8in by 5 1/4 inch through the CB with the folder in the middle. Then I cut those at 4 inches and used the Scor-Pal with 2 lines. I had this ribbon and the generic blue/violet cardstock. The reason I made these, and the next few is because I re-organized my ribbon, well some of it onto the round tab punch and this color just was so fat on the spool. I said to myself "self, you need to use some of this ribbon immediately". Thanks for looking. The ink is from Ancient Page and is on a wheel that I got at Joanns, I think the color is pink pizzaz, the stamp is from an retired SU, year round cheer, either I or II. Thanks for looking

Valentine Cards

Remember my "using what I have", well I sort of did. The cardstock, the paper, the stamp were things I had. I used pretty in pink cardstock, this yummy paisley that is in a winter slab from DCWV, but I love it. I colored my "Loads of Love" truck with my copics and a siver ball point pen that I have. Now there is "something new" in this

See the row of bling. These were clear. I got them in the $1 spot at Michaels, they are part of a rectangle that is supposed to go on a cell phone. The sticky on there is soooooo strong. I colored them with the same copic I used to color the truck. I love them. They are already straight. This is something I am challenged with--- straight. Even with the Mat Pack. Oh well, util next time... Thanks for looking....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Copic Baubles

I found these clear baubles in the floral section of Michaels. I had seen a bag of them on Joanna's Creative Expressions blog. Hers were pink/purple variety and very pretty. When I was there I saw they had clear ones too. Since I've been coloring anything that doesn't move with my copics, I figured I'd give it the ol' college try. I colored some in my last posts trying to compliment the colors in my cards. I liked the way the browns came out, but the green was not the correct tone. So I got to thinking about my ink color chart that I made with all my ink pads. I decided to make one with the baubles since there are 5 ounces of them, which probably equates to like 1000 baubles. Heres what I came up with:

So now I'm thinking I can look at this and know which Copic or Bic Mark It I can use to get the color I 'm looking for. I was surprised how light some of my copics were on the baubles. I only have 48 of the copics, but as I get more I could add to the bottom of this chart. This is the back of a cardboard box I had. I just dotted the cardboard with glue, put the baubles on top, wrote with a pen below what color they were and then colored the bauble. I actually thought (started) about writing the name of the marker in it actual marker below the bauble, but decided to try to save my aging eyes by writing it in black ink with a ballpoint pen.
There were colored baubles there too, which if I do plan to get some when I go back, I figure I'll bring my cardstock chart with me and grab the ones I think will work best. I just didn't trust my memory that day. Thanks for looking. Have a great day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

MMM MMM Monogram

So, I have this awesome friend, Lynn. We've been friends for over 30 yrs--yikes, I am getting old. Ever since she moved to our school in 4th grade. I remember it like it was yesterday, and I am so thankful that God brought us together. She's been there for me during some really important, both good and bad, times in my life and I hope to be as good a friend to her as she has been to me. Anyway, I feel like something that great and that old deserves to be documented, in a blog, in a scrapbook, in a journal-- basically anywhere and everywhere. Well she had a Silpada jewelry party last Friday. I wanted to give her something when I arrived. She always comes to my house laden with goodies, mostly snacks and drinkies. (Like I said we've been friends forever she knows..!!!!!) So I made these cards below:

I also stamped the envelopes with her initial too. (Sorry didn't photo those) She really liked them ,which was great. I used a SU set classic labels I think it's called, the letter is Brenda Walton, and my Nestibilities for the scalloped squares, some of them I actually layered one over another. The patterned paper and the colored cardstock are Martha Stewart, the white is Papertrey, the ink is classic black from SU. Black cardstock is unknown. Thanks for looking and see ya soon.

Loving the Sink!

Who ever thought I'd say I loved the sink. I'm much happier creating than cleaning--anything! I ordered the 3 Step Daisy because I saw all these beautiful cards, and they were just breathtaking. Plus the idea of 2 step, 3 step or anything step stamping seems much better with clear stamps. I'm a SUdemo, and I love their stamps, but having to drag out the stamp-a-ma-jig to align 2 step stamping is such a drag. I demo it and sell it, I even say " it's not supposed to be so exact, that's why the stamps are so great, but in reality when I do want it perfect, I"m scrunched over looking between the cardstock and the rubber. Any way, clear seems---- brilliant. Add register guides and "I'm in!" I do love them. Still need to work a little more with them, but here's my first attempt with them.

This was stamped in lovely lilac and almost amethyst from SU for the flowers and always artichoke for the green. I had embossed the PT white cardstock with my Score-Pal, but didn't mask it properly when I stamped so therefore the ribbon, something from Walmart.

I also made one with summer sun. I like it better.

I have something to share with you regarding the baubles used in these cards, check back tomorrow and I'll show you my stash.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

If Only I Could Remember

I used this DP that I had in a stash, that I'm not too crazy about, but as I stated in a prior post am going to try to use up. I thought the grey in the elephant, from MFT Wild about you tamed in down (pun intended). I also used my newly purchased white signo pen. I likey. Giga scallp was used becaues it was easy then I stamped in some grass. I thought he could be used for belated birthday, shower-- if baby sex was unknow, or thinking of you card. I tied an Offray ribbon from Walmart around the DP. Thanks for looking. My new Kitchen Sink Stamps arrived and I'm dying to create. Until next time....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Using What You Have

I am really, really trying to use what I have. I have hoarded like the best of them. I said to myself "self, you have so many types of ink, so many colors of ink, so much ribbon... you fill in the blanks--we've all said it. At any rate, since I need to continue to feed my habit of buying, I decided stamps were still fair game, but I need to use what I have. On to where I was going. This pad of My Minds Eye DP, which I love. I cut this to cover plain white cardstock, then stamped MFT Bud Basics, I think it's called using colorbox chalk inks. One of the great things is after you stamp, you are done. No coloring needed. I added a little shadow under the flowerpot, but that was it. I've been in love with bling, but decided against anything except the American Crafts ribbon. It was so shimmery and purty, I thought it looked just right. Often times I leave my cards blank on the front too (almost Always blank inside) then the day I need to use the card, I rummage through my messy, unorganized room to find what I want. Then I may stamp it on a new layer, or directly on the DP. Enjoy your day and see you soon.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Card Swap

A couple of years ago my SIL got enabled to go to a SU party. She and her friends have been hooked ever since. I told them about some swaps I had done at SCS and that we should do them, so now we rotate who the hostess is, and she picks the theme. We always get together and go either out for lunch/brunch or dinner. I definitely got in with the right group for swaps because they really know how to do it up. We are relaxed, we don't have vendor requirements, etc. So the card above was for new baby, obviously. I used my nestabilities on the scallped top and the shimmery square. I got the layout from MishMash, she mentioned that the large sqare scallop cut in half is a perfect fit. I love using the 4x4 scrapbooking paper for the bottom, as there is no waste, or paper to put away when done with it. --LOVE IT. Sometimes I will make a bow or not with the ribbon that joins the two pieces, but there was so much going on I didn't. I also stamped directly on the dp, loved that too. The cardstock is barely banana and I watercolored the baby. Have a great day, thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cuttlebug Cards and Resolution

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. We're getting ready to watch some playoff football games, eat junk food, and Wii. One of my pre-2008 resolutions, I try to make them prior to the new year and start them just after the holidays so I have approximately a week under my belt when the new year starts. I'll let you know how it turns out. Anyway one was to exercise 100 consecutive days. I call it my 100% commitment, since all other attempts haven't worked. Before kids I would run 5-7 days a week, a lot of times with my hubby. For the last 5 years it has been off and on at best. I really want to get back to my motivation for my health now, not so much a number or size anymore. So far I've done everyday since the 26th of December, some nights have been at 10pm, but done and checked off none the less. Enough of that blabber and on to the cards. I like to have a stash of cards, like everyone else for when you need one quickly. These are cards that I use the embossing folders for the texture and some licensed character scrapbooking paper. Then when I need them I may stamp the inside or let my 5yo write the sentiment herself for a friend/family member. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Copic, Copic who has the Copic?

So, I have 12 measely Copics. Or am I 12 times happier than I was without the Copics? I kept seeing these beautifully colored images: MishMash, Trudee, Lauren, Sherry to name only a few. Could I color like that? I bought myself the 12 set from Ellen and asked Santa and anyone else that would listen that I wanted some Copics. Now my DH, who is awesome and lets me spend my wimpy salary and most of his on crafty (crappy things as he calls them) things doesn't understand markers that cost 6 bucks a piece. I mean I bring home a 30 pack from DollarTree for the reds? Well because he loves me so much, he got me a 36 pack from MFT. Can you say score!!!!!??!! I still need help, and practice. But I am sooooo pleased. These are so great and I love the outcome. Here are two little ditties. The first is Hannah, I colored her and the rhinestones, which are really for cellular phones and are sticky backed with my copics. The brown polka dotted card was in DCWV pack, I colored her with the copics and tied on a beautiful ribbon, from offray. See you soon.

Cardstock: cool carribean, paper: MME pack, copics, ribbon something from $1 at Joann, Hanna stamps and stazon ink

card DCWV, stazon black ink, copics, sticky cell phone rhinestones, pink ribbon from Walmart

Happy 2008

Well, I took December off from blogging, but was plenty busy doing what everyone else was doing! It was a great time of year. I am so very blessed with a wonderful family who is healthy and loves to be together. This is a wonderful time in my life and I am eternally grateful for it. I did make a resolution to start photographing my work and push myself to create more. I love what I see and I love getting inspired form "blurfing". Now I want to be part of it. Below is a card I cased from one of the blogs I have in my favorites. I will be better about keeping note of whom I case now that I am uploading photos. I used the CB and the Score-Pal--both must have tools that I would definitely buy again if the need arose. I love them and use them ALL THE TIME!

Card info-

fancy corners Embossing folder, pretty in pink cardstock, offray grossgrain ribbon

I also did one in Purple and added some bling

Edited to Note: Notimetostamp is where I saw this idea first and hers are just beautiful.