Thursday, February 7, 2008

I had to show you more

I know you have seen my valentine recycles, but I had to show you this one up close. I had to show this to you because I want you to look at the bling. These are still from the same $1 find I found a Michaels. I love the blue ones in the center of the flowers and the green ones. I think they coordinate beautifully with the Scooby colors. This is just using all left over things I had, YIPPEE!!!! Thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Recycled Cards

Like my last post, these were made with valentines. These were from my older daughters choice. At first, she wasn't going to give me any. I was explaining to her these were going to be birthday cards that she could give to a friend when she got invited to a birthday party--yadda yadda. No Go. HMMM I thought, I'm gonna have to "sell" this a little better. I pondered for a quick second. Then I said "I don't think that all the boys are going to want Bratz Valentines anyway. It's up to you, but, you can have some of last years Scooby-Doo ones if you share". SHE SHOOTS..... SHE SCORES!!! It worked, she ante'd up.

She liked the results and anxiously waits for a friends birthday to give them too. I thought they came out pretty good too, so I wanted some for boys-- I have 3 nephews so I made a few Scooby ones too, in case we have a boy birthday party to go to.

I love the look of the clean, crisp white. It may be lost on children, but the valentines are shiny, so hopefully that will be enough. I was gifted a reem of 65lb cardstock that is white. It is very brite, but not thick enough for a card base. I figured I'd use some of it for stamping images on and for the CB of course. These were made with it for the embossed parts , and score lines were made with what else??.... my scor-pal. The Scor-pal truly is awesome. Thanks for looking and hope to see you soon....

Re-Use Reduce Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Do you know this song? Do you have children? I have a 5yo who has learned all about recycling in school. This is a song they learned to sing about sharing this land with others and taking care of it. Now the song is in my mind. I am a recycler anyways, I like to do my part in keeping this precious earth as clean as possible. I always use the back sides of papers for my lists, etc. I re-gift in packages ( now known as "altering"), I save beautiful cards, packaging, ribbons, etc. I mean I'm a crafter!!-- aren't we the best recyclers???!!!!! Now though at my home, I get scolded if I don't save yogurt containers to use again, etc. It's good though that she learns it at school too, then she believes it for real. Any way, I recycled some valentines the girls picked out to use. My younges has her 3rd birthday party and it is a "Dora" theme. I used a leftover Dora and Boots calendar to make the invite (no pics though) and since she picked Dora valentines, figured I'd get a head start on the thank yous. Here are the Dora cards:

I had the background paper from a My Minds Eye slab, the cardstock that I ran through my Nestabilities was in my stash as was the ribbon. The green flower I had from WalMart, the bling is still from the 1.00 find a Michaels for a cell phone. It is in the shape of a pocketbook, I just cut off the ones I want. I ran the actual valentines through the CB with the Nestabilities too. Now, if I could only write in these during the party and put them in the goody bags as they leave. That may be asking a bit much. LOL

Friday, February 1, 2008


Yummmmm, I love martinis. The flavored ones. I love Cosmos, pomegranite tinis, appletini's, chocolate martini's, lemon drops, you name it, I love it . Here is cosmobella. I paper pierced her pants to coordinate with the background paper.

Her skin is colored with skin white copie, the cardbase is a DCWV card from an assorted box from Michaels and the paisley is from DCWV holiday slab. I outlined her with cool grey too. I love the look you get with it. Thanks for looking.

Some Bellas In the Building

This is one of the first cards I made after I got my square nestabilities. I had gotten a 8x8 pad that was all prints, I cut the happy birthday into 4x4 squares. Then I cut one of the largest squares and cut it in half. My bella is colored with colored pencils. Again, this card was before I had any copics and was on a big pencil kick! Thanks for looking.

Good Old Perculators

So my best friend has a beach house that is awesome. It is on an island, less than a mile from the mainland, but an island still. It is so peaceful there. After taking a small boat over to it, it is total relaxation after you arrive. There is NO ELECTRICITY on the island and you can only run a generator for 2 hours a day. It is a great place to stamp, during the day anyway, a little tough at night. I ALWAYS bring a bag of stampin goodies when I visit. At any rate, I digress. We always make fresh coffee in a coffee press, but we heat the water up in an old stainless steel perculator on the top of a propane oven. When I saw the Coffee and Tea set from Crafty Secrets, I immediately thought of my very relaxing and enjoyable weekends. After I bought it, I really wanted the coffee perculator to be silver, like the stainless steel one, I had some silver paper and that worked good too, but then I found this silver tape in the hardware section at WalMart. It is used to tape the dryer vent. I stamped in in Stazon black, colored the cheeks with a sharpie, I didn't have my copics yet. The arm, because it is sooooo teeensy I dreaded cutting it. I did cut some. Then I had a lightbulb go off. I colored the arm section on the metal with my white signo gel pen then colored it skin tone after it dried. I like it like that!!!!!! So, here is my card and thanks for looking.