Saturday, February 2, 2008

Re-Use Reduce Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Do you know this song? Do you have children? I have a 5yo who has learned all about recycling in school. This is a song they learned to sing about sharing this land with others and taking care of it. Now the song is in my mind. I am a recycler anyways, I like to do my part in keeping this precious earth as clean as possible. I always use the back sides of papers for my lists, etc. I re-gift in packages ( now known as "altering"), I save beautiful cards, packaging, ribbons, etc. I mean I'm a crafter!!-- aren't we the best recyclers???!!!!! Now though at my home, I get scolded if I don't save yogurt containers to use again, etc. It's good though that she learns it at school too, then she believes it for real. Any way, I recycled some valentines the girls picked out to use. My younges has her 3rd birthday party and it is a "Dora" theme. I used a leftover Dora and Boots calendar to make the invite (no pics though) and since she picked Dora valentines, figured I'd get a head start on the thank yous. Here are the Dora cards:

I had the background paper from a My Minds Eye slab, the cardstock that I ran through my Nestabilities was in my stash as was the ribbon. The green flower I had from WalMart, the bling is still from the 1.00 find a Michaels for a cell phone. It is in the shape of a pocketbook, I just cut off the ones I want. I ran the actual valentines through the CB with the Nestabilities too. Now, if I could only write in these during the party and put them in the goody bags as they leave. That may be asking a bit much. LOL

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