Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Recycled Cards

Like my last post, these were made with valentines. These were from my older daughters choice. At first, she wasn't going to give me any. I was explaining to her these were going to be birthday cards that she could give to a friend when she got invited to a birthday party--yadda yadda. No Go. HMMM I thought, I'm gonna have to "sell" this a little better. I pondered for a quick second. Then I said "I don't think that all the boys are going to want Bratz Valentines anyway. It's up to you, but, you can have some of last years Scooby-Doo ones if you share". SHE SHOOTS..... SHE SCORES!!! It worked, she ante'd up.

She liked the results and anxiously waits for a friends birthday to give them too. I thought they came out pretty good too, so I wanted some for boys-- I have 3 nephews so I made a few Scooby ones too, in case we have a boy birthday party to go to.

I love the look of the clean, crisp white. It may be lost on children, but the valentines are shiny, so hopefully that will be enough. I was gifted a reem of 65lb cardstock that is white. It is very brite, but not thick enough for a card base. I figured I'd use some of it for stamping images on and for the CB of course. These were made with it for the embossed parts , and score lines were made with what else??.... my scor-pal. The Scor-pal truly is awesome. Thanks for looking and hope to see you soon....

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