Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Copic Baubles

I found these clear baubles in the floral section of Michaels. I had seen a bag of them on Joanna's Creative Expressions blog. Hers were pink/purple variety and very pretty. When I was there I saw they had clear ones too. Since I've been coloring anything that doesn't move with my copics, I figured I'd give it the ol' college try. I colored some in my last posts trying to compliment the colors in my cards. I liked the way the browns came out, but the green was not the correct tone. So I got to thinking about my ink color chart that I made with all my ink pads. I decided to make one with the baubles since there are 5 ounces of them, which probably equates to like 1000 baubles. Heres what I came up with:

So now I'm thinking I can look at this and know which Copic or Bic Mark It I can use to get the color I 'm looking for. I was surprised how light some of my copics were on the baubles. I only have 48 of the copics, but as I get more I could add to the bottom of this chart. This is the back of a cardboard box I had. I just dotted the cardboard with glue, put the baubles on top, wrote with a pen below what color they were and then colored the bauble. I actually thought (started) about writing the name of the marker in it actual marker below the bauble, but decided to try to save my aging eyes by writing it in black ink with a ballpoint pen.
There were colored baubles there too, which if I do plan to get some when I go back, I figure I'll bring my cardstock chart with me and grab the ones I think will work best. I just didn't trust my memory that day. Thanks for looking. Have a great day.

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