Friday, May 16, 2008

MFT Mother's Day

If you read my blog you'll remember that I just had a round birthday. Well my AWESOME sister bought me a 36 set of Copics. DOES SHE ROCK OR WHAT!!!! She does. She ordered them from MFT, and the set she had was delayed in shipment, I think from China, and Kim at MFT was so awesome she sent her the Mother's Day set and a quickie glue pen too. So my sis gave me those too. Plus she made me a truly incredible scrapbook, that has pictures through the year. If you knew that my sister has like everything from Creative Memories because she has 3 boys, 8, 6, and almost 4, and now a newborn daughter, but hasn't completed any of her scrapbooks-- because, um, she a little busy-- you'd realize how much even more awesome it was of her to make the scrapbook for me. She is officially done scrapbooking for the year. LOL. Funny thing is that I had made a girl scrapbook, minus the photos, for her and had given it to her for a shower gift less than 2 weeks before.

Any way , I made this card for my sister to give to my mom for mother's day.

I made this one for my mother in law. The paper is Amy butler, the cardstock is SU, and the flowers are paper flowers from WalMart.

I love coloring with my copics, I'm not that great with them, but love them anyway.

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